New Beginnings.


This day two months ago, I bid farewell to a mentor.  While our time together may have been brief, her presence has left its mark on me.  Her passion for pharmacy and her patients showed me it was okay to be proud of what you do, even if people may think you are a little crazy.  I pray that her two beautiful, young daughters may one day know much she was loved and admired.

My mentor’s death reminded me of a lecture I received last year.  While the topic pertained to substance abuse, the message that stuck was “how would you describe yourself if you were asked to do so?” While you can choose to say them, don’t let the words “I’m a pharmacist,” be the first words that come to mind. Rather, you should let the words, “I’m a father, mother, son, daughter, husband, wife, etc,” be the words to say.  To let pharmacy be what you do, to love what you do, but to not let it be all that you are.

I’m glad they gave us that talk early on.  Having been so wired to focus on one thing for so long, I learned to not let pharmacy be my sole focus and learned to appreciate my other interests as well. I enjoy finding that balance.

This year, I decided to challenge myself to write more (thank you Felicia! You know I’m still trying) but lack the motivation to make it happen.  I finally found that extra push.  I was cleaning out boxes of old school supplies last week and found a journal I wrote in elementary school. After reading my old daily entries, it is amazing how some things change but still manage to remain the same. I still adore NASA and stargazing but not enough to want to be an astronaut.  The Chesapeake bay and fresh seafood are still wonderful favorites.  Amusement parks may be fun the first time, but being crammed into a make belief circus gets old with time.

I do not know where this blog will go and the topics that will be discussed.  Ideas will probably be in the form of streams of consciousness.  Lists may be used instead of paragraphs.  Regardless, I have begun to enjoy sorting my streams of thoughts into some form of order (it’s the OCD kicking in).

Once school picks up, I may have less time to write. We shall see.

Here’s to another beginning.